Im englischsprachigen Blog Stuffed Crocodile gibt es eine neue DSA-Retro-Rezension. Dieses Mal geht es um Im Spinnenwald, dem ersten Teil der Orklandtrilogie. Das Werk bekommt dabei Lob, es wird aber auch auf vergeudetes Potenzial hingewiesen:

»I actually like this adventure. There are some bizarre setpieces in there which I think could be fun. In fact there is a nice actual play by the current publishers of the system which is quite fun and which I enjoyed listening to. I want to play it with people. But damn does it have issues.
It is certainly full of interesting ideas and roleplaying challenges. I think outside some random encounters it doesn’t demand fights anywhere. but it also wastes the possibilities of both the exploration section and the forest section by gating like crazy. This would have to be reworked.«

– aus der Rezension

Quelle: Stuffed Crocodile