Im englischsprachigen Blog Stuffed Crocodile gibt es eine neue Retro-Rezension. Besprochen wird dieses Mal Der Streuner soll sterben. Das Abenteuer kommt dabei gut weg, aus heutiger Sicht wird aber das Problem des bösen geschwärzten Elfen Dolguruks gesehen:

„I don’t think Kiesow intended for this to come across as it does, but he nevertheless managed to write some really unfortunate implications in here. Which might explain why this adventure never got the re-releases that other adventures from him got, despite being, from a design standpoint alone, one of his best so far. There is considerable freedom of choice both in the wilderness and the city sections, and room for player creativity, all under time pressure. I really like this and I want to play this with people. I might need to prepare people that it was written 40 years ago.“

– aus dem Fazit

Quelle: Stuffed Crocodile